Ad Colen Quartet

Averse to insularity , he soaks up, sponge-like, all sorts of influences from jazz, modern classical music, country & western, world music, and modern pop music. With his compositions Ad Colen searches for new angles and hooks to furnish the traditional jazz quartet with a new sound. Spark is its proof.

Ad Colen’s jazz quartet is nationally and internationally celebrated for its fresh, personal, and varied sound. The American called the previous CD Free “a piece of art,” while the German Jazzpodium called this CD an example of progressive Dutch jazz. With his new CD Spark, Colen builds upon this and at the same time indicates new nuances. The result is listening music that is open, accessible, narrative, and vivacious. Jazz like jazz is meant to be: adventurous, groovy, and lyrical. 

An important part of the sound is formed by the input and teamwork of the musicians. Gé Bijvoet (Soloists Prize NOS Meervaart Jazz Festival) is a self-willed pianist who always adds his own twists to the music. Wiro Mahieu (winner Wessel Ilcken Prize) is one of The Netherlands’ best contrabassists who excels in his groove, technqiue , and lyrical performance. Yonga Sun (winner Dutch Jazz Competition) connects perfectly to this with his enormous creativity and groove.